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UvA grounds are smoke-free: we’re counting on you!

Published on 07-10-2022 18:34
The UvA aims to provide students and employees with a healthy, smoke-free study and work environment. Since 1 August 2020, smoking has been prohibited by law on campuses. The NVWA (Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority) monitors this and fines the UvA in case of violation.
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Urgent request: do not smoke where this is not allowed 

Smoking is prohibited from the location of the sign, banner, sidewalk tile or poster with the “Rookvrij” image and the message: “Dit terrein is rookvrij” (“These premises are smoke-free”). The security guards can tell you where the smoking ban begins and ends. 

You will see the security guards more often in smoke-free areas 

If you smoke where you are not allowed to, the security guard will confront you about it. If the security guard deems it necessary, he or she may write down your details. Please be courteous to the security guards, don’t argue with them and put out your cigarette properly. Do not throw the cigarette butt on the street, but in one of the many waste bins.  
Thank you for your cooperation! 


The smoke-free policy is part of our House Rules and Rules of ConductExternal link
If you have any questions, please contact the FS Servicedesk at servicedesk-fs@uva.nlExternal link, or call +31 (0)20- 525 1403.