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Too much on your mind? Do something about it

Published on 30-09-2022 15:56
Student life can be tough. It's not easy balancing school, your social life, work and exercise. That's why it's extra important to be aware of your mental well-being and to take good care of yourself.
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The UvA has recently begun offering students and PhD candidates the opportunity to follow, for free, the e-health programmes of Caring UniversitiesExternal link, under the supervision of a coach. The programmes help you address issues you may be facing - anonymously and completely free of charge. They’re aimed at improving your mood, reducing stress, overcoming procrastination, addressing eating disorders, fighting sleep deprivation and dealing with Covid-related complaints. Scientific research has demonstrated that online health programmes are effective.

About Caring Universities

Caring Universities is an initiative that aims to increase the psychological well-being of students. It’s a collaborative effort by several Dutch universities and universities of applied sciences, including the University of Amsterdam. Take a look and register for a programme at caring-universities.comExternal link.