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Building REC A at the Roeterseiland Campus.

‘This work shows why I study International Law'

Published on 18-07-2022 11:08
Working with the Nuhanovic Foundation shows that the cases I learn about have an impact'. In addition to her Master's Public International Law Daniëlle van Biezen works for the foundation.
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The Nuhanovic Foundation helps war victims to establish legal responsibility for war crimes and to obtain compensation for the damage suffered. These are indispensable building blocks for upholding the rule of law,' says director Frederiek de Vlaming. The foundation provides financial support for legal proceedings and shares knowledge and experience in the field of war crimes, rehabilitation and compensation. They focus on lawyers, investigative journalists, legal experts and students. Daniëlle says: 'It is inspiring to work with the lawyers, academics and victim organisations of the Nuhanovic Foundation who are working together for war victims seeking reparations'. The foundation is based in the Amsterdam Law Hub on the Roeterseiland campus.

Small step towards justice

Daniëlle van Biezen is studying for her Master's International and European Law (track Public International Law) and works for the Nuhanovic Foundation to gain practical experience. In December, the foundation organised two events for Mr Zaida,' says Daniëlle. Mr. Zaida is a Palestinian man who claims compensation from the Israeli officers who killed his family during an airstrike in the Gaza Strip in 2014. The Nuhanovic Foundation is supporting the civil suit in The Hague by, among other things, bringing his case to the attention of the media and the general public. 'This work makes it clear why I study International Law: to take a small step towards justice.'

Dignity, opportunities and safety for all

Rechtenstudent Daniëlle van Biezen in Amsterdam.

Daniëlle takes courses such as International Responsibility, Human Rights Law and International Dispute Settlement. Besides her work for the Nuhanovic Foundation, she works for Amnesty's LGBT rights campaign in Hungary. I am motivated to continue working in the NGO sector after I finish my Master's this summer. I want to continue working for a cause I believe in: dignity, opportunity and security for all.'

New website nuhanovicfoundation.org

On the new website, you will find the cases that the Nuhanovic Foundation supports and exactly how the foundation works. In addition, the databases for lawyers, NGOs and experts can be consulted via the siteExternal link.

The Nuhanovic family

The name of the Nuhanovic Foundation refers to the Nuhanovic family that became victims of the Srebrenica genocide. Hasan Nuhanovic, the only survivor, held the Dutch state responsible and filed a lawsuit. The Supreme Court found in Hasan's favour and he received compensation from the Dutch State.