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New University Library: Students choose HAY chair for study spaces  

Published on 09-11-2022 16:10
Students choose the HAY AAC chair as their favourite chair for the study rooms in the new University Library (2024).
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The HAY chair received an average of 3.7 out of five stars. The other three chairs follow with an average score of 3.5, 3.3 and 3.1. The four chairs have been on trial in the 'sneak preview' space in the University Library Singel. As end users of the chairs, the Library values students' opinions. Chairs were assessed for comfort, robustness and aesthetics. Students' reactions to the HAY chair ranged from "most beautiful chair with good back support" to "by far the favourite, looks the best and is the most comfortable".

 High participation

 The new UB in the University Quarter will open in 2024.
 The new UB in the University Quarter will open in 2024. Photo: Library

After two days, the campaign was stopped after more than 250 students completed the surveys, for which they received a goodie bag

The final finish of the HAY chair will be different from the one on trial in the Library. Matching the colour palette of the interior of the new University Library, the HAY chair will come in anthracite colour. 300 of this chair will be delivered for 28 study spaces. 

For more information on the new UB, visit the campus website new UB 


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