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New University Library: Rate the chairs and receive a goodie bag

Published on 03-10-2022 12:00
The new University Library (UB) will soon be choosing chairs for the study rooms. And we’d love to get feedback from students about this! Four different chairs are available for testing in the University Library Singel. Students who give their opinion about these chairs will receive a goodie bag.
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The new University LibraryExternal link in the University Quarter will be opening in 2024. In some rooms we will be re-using the familiar office chairs but we also need around 300 new chairs for 28 study rooms. These chairs need to meet high standards in terms of comfort, robustness and aesthetics. The furniture supplier is offering 4 different chair models for us to choose from. 

We feel it’s important that students, who are the end-users of the chairs, can test and assess these. That’s why for two weeks we’re placing the four chairs in the sneak preview room on the first floor of the University Library Singel, next to the information desk. Here students can complete a brief online questionnaire via a QR code.

From 3 until 7 October

You can evaluate the chairs and complete the questionnaire from Monday 3 October to Friday 7 October inclusive. On completing the questionnaire you’ll receive a bag filled with surprise items, which you can pick up from the information desk on the first floor.

Help us to make the new University Library the best possible place for students!

For more information on the new University Library, go to the campus website new University LibraryExternal link


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