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What is your study programme?

Most login problems can be solved via id.student.uva.nl

Published on 22-08-2022 10:00
Are you, or one of your fellow students, having problems logging in? You can often solve this yourself via id.student.uva.nl! This solves your problem immediately and it will save you a phone call to the service desk of ICT Services.
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What is your study programme?

On id.student.uva.nl you can:

  • request a new password;
  • reset two-step verification (only for the Microsoft Autheticator app);
  • and activate your account.

Chances are that you yourself do not experience any problems logging in, but one of your fellow students might. In that case, you can help that student out with this information. Use it to your advantage and help yourself, or a fellow student!