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Water bubble

More and more water taps to fill your water bottle

Published on 26-09-2022
In September last year, the UvA stopped selling 'flat' water in one-way packaging, such as PET bottles. We see that many students bring their own bottle to fill with tap water. To make this even easier, the number of water taps with free tap water has been increased. You will find them at Roeterseilandcampus, Science Park and in the City Centre.
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Your own bottle: less plastic waste, less CO2 emissions

Tapping tap water in your own bottle is sustainable. You produce much less plastic waste and reduce CO2 emissions. For instance, because fewer plastic bottles are produced and less transport is needed.

Water Eyecatcher

The water taps are not known to everyone. So we make them more visible. Ruben Distinguin, UvA student and artist*, designed exactly the eye-catcher we were looking for, within the theme 'Visibility'. You will find his work near the water tap in the stairwell of the Kohnstamm building. Ruben chose this mural from his own designs. We hope to have other water taps jump off the wall as well, so who knows we will use more of his creative ideas? To be continued...

*Ruben Distinguin: Ruben is French-American and studies Business Administration at the UvA. You can find him often at Café De Krater on the Roeterseiland campus. Ruben has already transformed the atmosphere and appearance here by unleashing his creativity on the wall. Also interested in his work? You can get in touch via rubendistinguin@hotmail.comExternal link.