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Meet the finalists of the UvA Create a Course Challenge 2022

Published on 17-11-2022 16:17
Last week, a total of 1631 students and employees of the UvA have cast their vote. Find out below which students received the most votes for their course idea and, as a result, secured their spot in the grand finale.
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The five ideas that proceed to the grand finale are, in alphabetical order:

1. Apocalypse Is Not the End of The World  (972 points) by Alina Ovcharova, third-year Bachelor's student in Psychology;

2. Food Forestry: Experiencing the Future of Nature and Agriculture (1085 points) by Wytze Walstra & Sacha Brons, Master's students in Political Science - track Political Economy;

3. Propaganda, Power and the Psychology of Persuasion (1601 points) by Kate Shavrova, third-year Bachelor's student in Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE);

4. Sensationalising Murder; the Phenomenon of True Crime (1360 points), by Maggie O’Gorman & Sophia Hieker, third-year Bachelor's students in Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE);

5. "Where do I end, and you begin?": An Exploration of the Self (1036 points), by Pika Ivana Kostanjšek & Filippo Bianchi, second-year Bachelor's students in Psychology & Sociology.

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The five plans that unfortunately did not make the cut are:

  • Academic Publishing: An Interdisciplinary Introduction (723 points) by Elton Högklint, second-year Bachelor's student in Sociology; 
  • Black Male Studies 101: Post-Intersectionality, Phallicism and Racism as Misandric Aggression (712 points) by Thomas Baruzzi, Research Master's student in Philosophy; 
  • Demystifying "The Algorithm": the Tech behind the Buzzwords (744 points) by Clara Martens Ávila, fifth-year Bachelor's student in Informatics;
  • Health Neuroscience: Protocols for Improving Physical and Mental Health (883 points) by Filip Mimica, Bachelor's student in Politics, Psychology, Law and Economics (PPLE); 
  • The Science of Success (670 points) by Magda Matetovici, Research Master's student in Psychology.  

The grand finale

You are cordially invited to join us for the live finale on 24 November on Thursday, 24 November from 5 – 7 PM (Central European Time). During the grand finale, the jury decides which course idea will be rewarded with the realisation of the course. The winner will then further develop the course together with the IIS. Next academic year, the winning course will be on the UvA curriculum as an elective course open to all UvA students.