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Library abolishes fines for overdue books

Published on 21-11-2022 09:00
From 21 November, the Library will no longer charge fines for returning borrowed books late. This means no more worries about ever-increasing fines. Old fines will also expire.
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Borrowing stays borrowing

Borrowing penalty-free does not mean that you do not have to return the books you borrow from the Library on time. To remind you of this, we will send you a number of emails. If you do not return the books, your borrowing account will be blocked after ten days. This means that you can no longer request or borrow materials. Only when you return the books will the block be lifted. If you still have not returned the books after three weeks, you will receive a bill for the replacement value.

Done with your research? Then hand in your books, so someone else can use them again.
Done with your research? Then hand in your books, so someone else can use them again. Image: Wouter van der Wolk

Borrowing for longer through more renewals

From 21 November, it will also be possible to borrow books for longer. The maximum number of extensions goes from three to five. This means you can borrow a book with a standard loan period for a maximum of 6 months. This does not apply if another borrower has made a reservation, in which case the book must be returned earlier.

Read more about borrowingExternal link on the Library website.  


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