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Join the course and don’t waste your waste

Published on 06-09-2022 19:06
On 1 September our journey towards reducing waste has started. From now on, we’re going to keep our waste flows pure, separate them into 4 waste bins and turn them into new products.
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From waste to new product

Waste is something you want to quickly chuck away, but it is also a valuable raw material for a plethora of new products. So why is waste separation important, what exactly happens to your waste and what do we turn it into?

Illustration of hand with apple core

Which waste where?

Waste separations seems easy, but which waste bin should your napkin, chewing gum, teabag or pizza box go in? Take the waste separation course (10 minutes) and you’ll get all the answers. It is a small investment in time, with a huge impact on the future: Don’t waste your wasteExternal link.

Hey, where did my bin go?

The small bins and paper bins have been replaced with new waste bins in which we separate waste into 4 waste flows. Straight away we looked for a surprising new useExternal link for the bins that we’d removed.

Questions and tips?

Do you have questions or tips about what you do to not waste your waste? Let us know! circulair@uva.nlExternal link.