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Diversity Day 2022 at the Amsterdam Law School

Published on 31-10-2022
Tuesday 4 October was Diversity Day: a day to draw attention to diversity and inclusion at the university. As a law school, we think it is important that there is room for an another. Only then everyone can make a unique contribution and will we form a strong whole together as an academic community. In the main hall everyone could share their thoughts on diversity and inclusion on pinboards.
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Prikborden tijdens Diversity Day op de Roeterseilandcampus

The diversity commission of the Amsterdam Law School asked in the main hall: 'What is your wish or call for action for diversity, equality and belonging at the university?' This yielded 4 packed boards with wishes from students and staff. The messages ranged from a more diverse curriculum to wishes for a more diverse composition of staff and students. There was a call to admit judges wearing headscarves. But also to make food and drinks on campus accessible to those with a more limited budget.

We are a very diverse group with several nationalities. We are the society. I would wish that for everyone.
JeroenFacility Service

Feeling at home on campus

Diversity Day Amsterdam Law School

Very nice advice for feeling at home on campus came from employees of Facility Service and of Fiduzia, who keep the campus smoke- and bike-free. Although there was initial reluctance to share anything, the final contributions were spot on. Jeroen of Facility Service wrote for example: 'We are a very diverse group with several nationalities. We are the society. I would wish that for everyone.' And an employee of Fiduzia who has to get students to behave properly every day said: 'If you treat others the way you want to be treated yourself, you will be met in return.'

Translating into practical actions

Prikbord Diversity Day 2022

It was a successful day. All quotes were collected and reduced to 17 categories (see photo). These are themes that the diversity commission is already working on or wants to pay more attention to together with the Amsterdam Law School. We will translate all suggestions into practical actions and report back on them.

We would like to thank all students and staff for their input and involvement!