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Delays in the processing of UvA accounts for students

Published on 06-09-2022 22:28
Since 1 September, it may take longer for new students to gain access to their UvA accounts than previously announced.
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The implementation of changes made to existing UvA accounts may also take longer than usual.

Systems may temporarily not be accessible

Students who do not yet have access to their accounts are also unable to sign into the systems of the UvA. We apologize for the inconvenience caused by these delays. We understand that this is extremely inconvenient and our administrators are working hard to reduce the queue.

Queue may last up to 3 days

The cause of this delay is the large amount of changes to accounts at the start of the academic year. This is a time when many new accounts are requested and changes are made to existing accounts. It is often the case that this causes a queue in our systems, but this year unfortunately the queue is longer than usual. At this moment the queue may last up to 3 days. We expect the queue to be fully cleared between next Friday and Sunday.

Inform your fellow student

If you have a fellow student or colleague who is affected by this, please share this message with them. Thank you in advance!