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Daan Rademaekers starts this week as the new UvA student assessor

Published on 29-08-2022 11:00
The new student assessor Rademaekers hopes to be able to be a bridge between the students and the Executive Board. His focus areas are internationalisation, mental health and the effects of corona on education.
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Future Planet Studies student Daan Rademaekers has been appointed as the University of Amsterdam's student assessor by the Executive Board (CvB). Rademaekers succeeds Dikran Kassabian as of 1 September for a period of one year. ‘Education policy has appealed to me since a long time, and this is a great opportunity to both be involved and to learn a lot from the board member perspective,’ he says.

The position of student assessor has existed since 2015 and is intended to advise the CvB on the interests of students. The assessor attends CvB meetings and puts student-related topics on the agenda. Staying in close contact with the Central Student Counsil(CSR), students and student associations is also part of the job. Rademaekers will be the UvA’s seventh student assessor.  

Rademaekers is a fourth-year student of Future Planet Studies. He previously served on the Faculty Student Council of the Faculty of Science and on the CSR. In addition, he is a student member of the Examination Appeals Board. His favourite hobby is sailing and giving sailing lessons. Rademaekers: ‘When I got the good news, I was just waking up, but immediately got mega excited. I really wanted the position and it's nice to have the confidence of the appointment advisory committee.’

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Daan Rademaekers

Engaged student

The committee is enthusiastic. 'We are pleased that there were many good candidates who were attracted to this position and this made the choice very difficult. In the end, we chose for Daan. He has extensive experience with participation in decision-making and has a strong interest in educational quality. This makes him an engaged student who fits the position well. Furthermore, we were impressed by his thorough preparation and broad perspective on, among other things, the conditions for students. We look forward to working with him,’ said Karen Maex, rector magnificus and chair of the appointment advisory committee.  

Focus areas for Rademaekers are internationalisation, mental health and the effects of corona on education. ‘The UvA is the largest university in the Netherlands. At the same time, the UvA is highly decentralised with lots of small islands,' says Rademaekers. ‘This can create a wonderful diversity between facilities and institutes, and broad policy-making freedom. But it can also cause confusion for students who think that the UvA is more centrally organised. Especially if they take courses at another faculty. The coming year will be a busy one for me, but also an educational and interesting one. I am really looking forward to the many meetings and discussions with students, policy staff and of course the CvB. I hope to be able to be a bridge between the students and the board this year.'