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Applying to a Master’s in Psychology? Try the Quick Scan

Published on 10-10-2022
A new online questionnaire, called the Admissibility Quick Scan, has been developed to help students find out quickly whether or not they’re eligible for a UvA Master’s programme.
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Complex admissions process

Applying for a Master’s programme can be a long and complex process. Unfortunately, students sometimes apply for programmes for which they’re ineligible. Although admissions and selection criteria are provided on the UvA website, they’re not always easy to find or understand. The high number of admission requirements, and students’ own expectations, also play a role.

Quick Scan pilot

The UvA is working hard behind the scenes to improve its admissions process. As part of this, we’ve developed a new tool, the Admissibility Quick Scan, to guide students before they embark on the full application process. By completing a series of questions online, students can find out quickly whether they’re eligible for a given Master’s programme.

As of today, anyone applying to a Master’s in Psychology can use the quick scan. We’ll monitor its use and any feedback over the coming period. If the results are promising, the quick scan will be rolled out to other programmes.

Try it out!

Would you like to take a peek at this new admissions tool? Complete the quick scan yourselfExternal link!