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Results: 61 - 80 of 146
Results: 61 - 80 of 146
  • Roeterseiland Campus bike racks cleared monthly
    18 Jan 2019
    As from January 2019, bicycle racks on the Roeterseiland Campus UvA premises will be cleared once a month. As well as keeping the racks serviceable, this also ensures emergency services can access the campus, if needed.
  • Maintenance work at REC A bicycle basement
    17 Dec 2018
    During the Christmas break (Saturday, 22 December 2018 through Tuesday, 1 January 2019), maintenance work will be carried out in the REC A bicycle basement.
  • Adjusted UvA opening hours during the holidays
    14 Dec 2018
    The Christmas recess will take place from Saturday, 22 December until Tuesday, 1 January. During this period most UvA buildings and facilities will be closed or have adjusted opening hours.
  • Extra information regarding recent e-mail problems
    11 Dec 2018
    The past few months we have had recurring problems with the e-mail services of the UvA. During these incidents, UvA students e-mail was unavailable via Outlook and/or Webmail. Our administrators are aware of these ...
  • New contemplation room
    16 Nov 2018
    A new contemplation room has been created in building REC J/K, room B.93 at Roeterseiland campus.
  • Launch of new-design UvA website temporarily reversed
    30 Oct 2018
    The launch of the new design of the UvA website has been temporarily reversed. The new site went live on Monday morning, at 10:30, but unfortunately it soon became apparent that servers were becoming overloaded and ...
  • Sewer works
    11 Oct 2018
    Starting on Monday 15 October and continuing through Friday 30 November, Waternet will be replacing the sewage system under Valckenierstraat. These works will take place between 07:00 and 16:00.
  • Buy Doppers and USB cables from vending machines
    25 Sep 2018
    Do you ever have those days where you show up for an exam, but without your calculator? Or you're studying in the library and could really use a marker?
  • Vacant property management of REC P Plantage Muidergracht 24
    30 Aug 2018
    In 2019 the REC P building at Plantage Muidergracht 24 will be renovated. The classrooms and institutes that were previously housed in REC P have already been relocated to other buildings at the UvA. A vacant ...
  • Bike removal program on Roeterseiland campus
    28 Aug 2018
    From Friday 31 August, Amsterdam municipality will be conducting a ‘bike removal’ program on Roeterseiland campus at REC-A, REC-M and University property areas.
  • Arrange your re-enrolment by 31 August
    14 Aug 2018
    Arrange your re-enrolment and pay your tuition fees no later than 31 August.
  • Move your bike during works on the REC E bicycle parking facility
    31 Jul 2018
    From Monday, 30 July, some bicycle racks will be removed from the large part of the REC E bicycle parking facility. Any bikes in the bicycle parking facility at that time will be moved and temporarily stored elsewhere.
  • Regional transport strike as from Wednesday, 27 June
    25 Jun 2018
    A countrywide transport strike is set to take place as from Wednesday, 27 June. Exams, lectures and other activities at the UvA will continue as planned.
  • UvA Quants Career Event on Friday 15 June 2018
    8 Jun 2018
    We would like to draw your attention to the UvA Quants Career Event, which is jointly organised by the Korteweg-de Vries Institute (KdVI), the Computational Science Lab, and the Actuarial Science group at the ...
  • Re-enrol now for the 2018-2019 academic year to register for first-semester courses
    15 May 2018
    Arrange your re-enrolment and pay your tuition fees no later than 31 August. You can only register for first-semester courses if you have submitted a re-enrolment application.
  • Pilot: SPA will replace the PEP in DataNose!
    19 Apr 2018
    The SPA (Study Plan Application) will replace the PEP (Personal Education Plan) in Datanose and will be available throughout this academic year from now on. The SPA will decrease the amount of administrative work as ...
  • UvAQ and EvaSys temporarily unavailable on 19 and 20 April
    13 Apr 2018
    On Thursday 19 and Friday 20 April UvAQ and EvaSys will be updated.
  • Closure of UvA buildings during spring holidays
    23 Mar 2018
    During the spring holidays most UvA buildings, study centres and catering locations will be closed.
  • Announcing TECH020: 22 February 2018 - Amsterdam Arena
    2 Feb 2018
    After 2 successful editions, TECH020 is coming back! On February 22, all Amsterdam newest tech-talents and international tech companies will meet at TECH020 to learn and grow.
  • Update security leaks processors: Limited availability systems on 26 January and 2 February
    22 Jan 2018
    Earlier this month, we reported on security leaks that were found in the chips of current computer processors. In order to minimize security risks, maintenance work (including the installation of security patches) ...