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Internships and external projects

The master programme Artificial Intelligence offers students the possibility to do an individual project in collaboration with a company or an internship as part of their study programme. Students must find the projects by themself as the master programme does not provide any projects.

Students may choose to work on their project on the company's premises, in the Netherlands or abroad. Participation in a summer school may also be regarded as an external internship/project.

Within the student’s study programme 6 or 12 EC of the free-choice elective components may be used for an internship or for one or two individual projects. These individual projects or internships are registered as Project Artificial Intelligence A (6 EC) and Project Artificial Intelligence B (6 EC).

A student can include at most 12 EC in the student’s study plan for these internships/projects.

Please note:

  • It is very important that a student makes sure the project is compatible with their participation in the master programme AI. 
  • Matters to be arranged include supervision, confidentiality of the work, confidentiality of the information about the company, access to the work by the supervisor.
  • The workload for a 6 EC project is one month full-time work or a full semester of roughly 10 hours of work per week
  • Student and company may reach an agreement on fee to cover costs. However, the student in question should not become an employee of the company.
  • Prior approval of the Examinations Board is required for an internship/project to be included in the student’s study plan.
  • There is no need to enroll for this course (in SIS/course planner) but you do need to add the course to your study plan (SPA).

The procedure for getting approval for individual projects and or internships (registered as Project AI A / Project AI B):
Each project has to be approved by the Examinations Board. The procedure is as follows:

  • You have a (rough) project idea or have found an internship
  • You find a suitable supervisor among the staff affiliated with the Master programme
  • Fill  in the Individual Project Internship Master Approval Form for the Examinations Board 
             - Together with your supervisor, ask an examiner
             - Usually projects are 6ECTS, for large projects it   could be 12 ECTS
             - Requests take around 8 weeks for approval
  • After approval, start the project/internship
  • After completion, the supervisor and examiner will grade your project/internship

The Individual Project Internship Master Approval Form should be fully completed and signed by you, the examiner and if applicable the daily supervisor. Send the form at least 8 weeks before the planned starting date by email to the Examinations Board: