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The Supervisory Boards of the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) have decided to closely involve the representative advisory bodies in procedures for appointing a new UvA-AUAS President of the Executive Board and a new Rector Magnificus for the UvA.

The UvA’s student council and works council and the AUAS’ Representative Advisory Council will be involved in drawing up job descriptions, proposing members for the selection committee and issuing a recommendation on the nominated candidates. Never before have the representative advisory bodies been so closely involved in the selection of new members for the Executive Board.

The job descriptions will be developed in collaboration with UvA deans, AUAS faculty deans, the current Executive Board and the representative advisory bodies. As part of this, the representative advisory bodies can gather input from the academic community to ensure broad participation or to assess the proposed job descriptions. The jointly developed profile will be presented to the representative advisory bodies.

The Supervisory Boards will propose mixed selection committees. In addition to members proposed by the UvA/AUAS representative advisory bodies, the committee will include members of the Supervisory Boards (Governance Committee) and one member nominated by the UvA and AUAS faculty deans.

As part of the procedure, confidential meetings to assess the support for the candidates will be held with the UvA/AUAS representative advisory bodies, faculty deans and current members of the Executive Board. Following this, the representative advisory bodies will have the opportunity to issue a recommendation, after which the appointment will take place.

The vacancy for a new President of the Executive Board UvA-HvA arose on 18 April after Louise Gunning submitted her resignation. Dymph van den Boom’s term as rector formally ends in October 2015, but she has indicated that she will remain until the Dies Natalis in January 2016.

Preparations for the procedure will start in August 2015. For both positions, an open recruitment will be used. The appointments must be made no later than the first half of 2016, but preferably sooner.

The Central Works Council, Central Student Council and Representative Advisory Council have taken note of the Supervisory Boards’ proposal for an appointment process for new Executive Board members and see within it big improvements with regard to the previous procedure. The representative advisory bodies are pleased to discuss the specifics of the process further with the Supervisory Boards.