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Today, the Supervisory Boards held talks about the current situation with the Executive Board, the deans, the domain chairs and the representative advisory bodies of the University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. From these talks there emerged a joint understanding on the steps that need to be taken.

On the basis of these talks, the Supervisory Boards have come to the following conclusion and have taken the following decisions:

  1. The Supervisory Boards express their confidence in the three remaining members of the Executive Board. The Board has been asked to issue a proposal for a new division of focus areas.
  2. The Supervisory Boards have asked Dymph van den Boom to act as acting president of the UvA-AUAS/HvA Executive Board. Van den Boom – who will fill this position alongside her current duties as Rector Magnificus – has agreed to this request, and the other Executive Board members have expressed their confidence in her.
  3. Edgar du Perron, the current dean of the Faculty of Law, will fill the temporary position of vice-rector, formally unaligned to the Executive Board, charged with the reform agenda. This reform agenda, on the basis of the 10-point plan, will be elaborated in close partnership with the academic community. Du Perron has agreed to this. The Executive Board has expressed its support and confidence in Du Perron.
  4. The Supervisory Boards have appointed Gerard Mols – who was nominated by the UvA’s representative advisory bodies – as a member with a special focus on the reform agenda. He will be closely involved in this process and will be the point of contact for the reform agenda between the academic community and the Supervisory Boards.
  5. The Supervisory Boards will start the process of identifying and appointing a new president of the UvA-AUAS/HvA Executive Board and a new Rector Magnificus of the UvA, whose term of office is set to expire. A procedure for this will be formulated in close partnership with the representative advisory bodies, the deans and domain chairs. The new procedure must lead to greater involvement by the different sections in the selection process.
  6. The Executive Board has been asked to further bolster the position of the faculties and domains in line with the needs for further decentralisation. In this respect, the deans and domain chairs have a great and collective responsibility.
  7. The position of the representative advisory bodies will be strengthened by, on the one hand, improving support to the bodies, and on the other by changing the way in which the representative advisory bodies are worked with.
  8. The Supervisory Boards, also on behalf of the representatives with whom talks were held yesterday, call on all parties to take part in the open dialogue in a respectable manner.

Atzo Nicolaï, chair of the Supervisory Boards: ‘The talks were intensive and constructive. There is great unanimity about the importance of peace and stability. All of the bodies have announced their resolve to work together.’

The Supervisory Boards are grateful for the manner in which the various parties with whom were spoken today have taken their responsibility, as well as the constructive attitude of the representative advisory bodies.

Today, the Supervisory Boards held talks with:

  • The members of the Executive Board
  • The Board of the Central Representative Council (CMR)
  • The Board of the Central Works Council (COR)
  • The Board of the Central Student Council (CSR)
  • The domain chairs of the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
  • The deans of the University of Amsterdam