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Yesterday evening, Louise Gunning tendered her resignation as president of the Executive Board of the University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences to the Supervisory Boards.

Gunning: 'I hope my departure gives the Supervisory Boards the time and space to form a new Executive Board. An Executive Board that is capable of restoring calm within the University of Amsterdam and of leading the way in the university’s modernisation in the coming period on the basis of the 10-point plan. An Executive Board that gives equal priority to the interests of the University of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.'

'The University of Amsterdam has evolved into an internationally respected, leading research university because of the efforts of professors, researchers, lecturers and students. We have fantastic researchers: we train them, recruit them and retain them within our ranks. We provide excellent education whereby students, both local and international, make a conscious decision to come and study at our university. This high-level of quality isn’t restricted to one or two faculties, but spans the entire breadth, which is quite unique. As an Executive Board member, I am extremely proud to have had the chance to contribute to this. The University of Amsterdam is hereby in an excellent position to continue modernising.'