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After six weeks, the police made an end to the Maagdenhuis occupation this morning. Yesterday, the district court ordered the occupiers to immediately vacate the building. After the judge’s ruling, the UvA observed the verdict, after which the building had to be vacated within four hours.

In recent weeks, the UvA has held extensive talks with students and staff about the various concerns that have been raised. To address these concerns, the Executive Board has presented a 10-point plan and has reached an agreement with the action groups, representative advisory bodies and unions about the further elaboration of this plan.

After the agreement, extensive talks were held about ending the Maagdenhuis occupation. The level of safety and security within the Maagdenhuis has deteriorated in recent weeks. A provisional agreement on voluntary departure was unfortunately rejected and renewed protest action announced. This forced the UvA to initiate relief proceedings.

The students and staff announced that they would leave the Maagdenhuis on their own accord after the weekend, but the court ruled that the UvA had insufficient guarantees that the announced festival would take place in a safe and orderly fashion. The court concluded that De Nieuwe Universiteit is not a homogenous group with whom agreements can be made and that therefore the UvA cannot take the risk of allowing the event to take place. Louise Gunning, president of the Executive Board: ‘Because of this, we had no other option than to immediately observe the ruling. I completely understand the disappointment at the fact that the festival will not take place in the Maagdenhuis. It is a shame that Tuesday’s agreement failed to materialise.’