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The interim relief judge of Amsterdam’s district court has decided that the occupiers of the Maagdenhuis must leave the building immediately and that for safety reasons the planned festival must be cancelled.

According to the judge, there are not enough guarantees that the festival will take place safely. The judge concluded that the New University is not a homogeneous group with whom agreements can be made and that therefore the UvA cannot take the risk of allowing the event to take place.

The University of Amsterdam cannot but comply with this and put the ruling into effect. After that, the occupiers have four hours to leave the building. ‘We are pleased that there is a ruling and we hope that everyone will leave the Maagdenhuis of their own accord’ said Louise Gunning, president of the Executive Board.

‘In recent weeks, there has been much discussion about the 10-point plan and we have now reached the stage where we are working jointly to modernise the University,’ according to Gunning. These constructive talks with students and staff on the 10-point plan, and the setting up of committees to elaborate this plan, will continue.

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