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Social safety

Support guide for staff

As a member of staff, the University of Amsterdam would like to provide you with a safe foundation and a positive environment. We hope you never experience an unsafe situation or undesirable behavior at the UvA, but should this occur there are different individuals and institutions you can turn to.

Depending on the circumstances, you may want to discuss an undesirable situation with a manager or supervisor first. If, for whatever reason, this is not possible, you can use one of the other options listed here. When you talk to someone they may also refer you to these options.

  • Have you experienced undesirable behaviour?

    If you have experienced or are experiencing undesirable behaviour (such as sexual intimidation, aggressive or violent behaviour, bullying and discrimination) you can contact one of the confidential advisers for undesirable behaviour. They can provide support and help look for a way to stop or de-escalate the undesirable situation. Where relevant they will refer you to professional care and assistance. They can also help you submit a claim to the Complaints Committee.

    See confidential advisers for undesirable behaviour for UvA staff

  • Do you have questions about your employment and/or legal position?
  • Do you want to address structural problems or injustices?

    The ombudsperson is an independent figure you can contact when you encounter structural problems and injustices within the UvA. You can do so confidentially and without formalities. If the ombudsperson considers it necessary, they can mediate between parties and/or carry out an independent investigation.

    Go to information and contact details for the ombudsperson

    Employees of the UvA have the right and responsibility to report malpractices for which the employer is accountable and which may jeopardise the interests of society and/or the institution. However, external disclosure of malpractices, also known as whistleblowing, can have major implications for both the employer and the employee making the disclosure. That is why the the UvA and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences have drawn up regulations that set out how employee and employer should deal with this type of situation.

    Go to more information about whistleblowing and the UvA and HvA regulations on whistleblowing

  • Emergencies and dangerous situations

    The emergency number in  the Netherlands is 112.

    If you are on campus you can call the UvA's Central Control Room on the central emergency number: +31 (0)20 525 2222.

    Have you observed an unsafe situation or near accident? Report what you saw via

  • Outside the UvA

    Please note 0800 and 0900 numbers are only accessible for people calling from within The Netherlands.

More information on social safety at the UvA

You can find more information on the UvA policy and initiatives regarding social safety at

Also see the UvA's code of conduct, which sets out how students and staff should treat each other and what to do when undesirable behaviour occurs.

New regulations have recently been adopted for the ombudsperson, the confidential advisers for undesirable behaviour and the complaints procedure. These regulations go into effect on 1 November 2021. Read more about the new regulations.