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From today, you will be able to see posters and social media posts at the UvA that express experiences of social unsafety and undesirable behaviour in quotes. The campaign makes undesirable behaviour visible and points out both the effect that certain behaviour can have and the possibilities for talking about it or finding a solution with help.

The campaign page brings together everything on social safety, from help in discussing difficult topics, such as tips, training, meetings and performances, to the code of conduct and the social safety support guides.

Social safety at the UvA

The UvA wants to be a safe place where you can develop yourself, be yourself, meet people and work together with pleasure. A place where there is no room for discrimination, bullying, aggression, exclusion or intimidation. Fortunately, most students and staff members experience this as such. Unfortunately, however, undesirable behaviour does occur. Board chairman Geert ten Dam: 'We think it's important that you know there are possibilities to talk about your experiences, that you can ask for help in finding solutions, that there is a place where you can report and file complaints'.

New regulations

New regulations have recently been adopted for the ombudsperson, the confidential advisers for undesirable behaviour and the complaints procedure. These regulations go into effect on 1 November 2021.

New regulations regarding the ombudsperson

Every (former) staff member or (former) student can contact the ombudsperson. The ombudsperson advises, mediates, investigates, adjudicates and/or refers. The ombudsperson also has an important role in signalling developments and patterns within the school and organises regular consultations between relevant actors in the field of social safety. The ombudsperson has the authority to gather information within the organisation. As of 6 September 2021, Samera Ouchene is the ombudsperson. You can read more about the ombudsperson here.

New regulations regarding confidential advisers undesirable behaviour

A coordinating confidential adviser will be appointed, in addition to the existing advisers. The coordinating confidential adviser will act as a sparring partner for the other advisers, coordinate the activities of the internal network of advisers, ensure the independent positioning of the advisers in the faculties and central units and monitor the workload of each counsellor.

New Complaints Regulations

It was already possible to submit complaints, but the period for complaints regarding undesirable behaviour has been extended to three years in the new complaints regulation. The regulation has also been improved, based on experiences in recent years. For example, the Committee can be expanded with an expert on the subject of the complaint. It is also possible  to submit a complaint confidentially (via the confidential adviser). More attention is also being paid to aftercare. With regard to the definition of undesirable behaviour, reference is made to the University of Amsterdam's code of conduct.


Have you experienced undesirable behaviour and do you need help? Go to the social safety support guide for students or employees to see where you can turn to for support.

Do you have questions or comments about the campaign or regulations? Mail to