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You must have noticed that Maastricht University fell victim to a ransomware attack. Among other things, e-mail, wifi and the DLO were no longer accessible. Some of the services are now available again. We need your help to prevent something like this from happening in our organisation.

What does the UvA do to prevent ransomware?
Even though we are not affected by ransomware now, we could be a target. That is why our ICT Services specialists performed additionally monitoring of the ICT infrastructure for suspicious activities during the Christmas period. In addition, there is a lot of contact between the universities via SURF in order to exchange information. Furthermore, the UvA has already taken many measures to guarantee ICT security. Think of antivirus programs, spam filtering, patch management and an extensive backup system, but also the 24/7 accessible Incident Response Team.  

What can you do as a student?
We need the help of students as well. Ransomware often hits through phishing emails, so be alert for suspicious emails, even though they seem to come from known senders. Don't just click on links or attachments. 
Is your data only stored locally? Then regularly make a backup file and place it on a different location.
If your files get compromised, you still have a copy.

Do you work with a self-managed ICT workstation? 
Then make sure that the systems and programs on your ICT workstation are completely up to date.  Malware - like ransomware - hits systems that do not have the latest security updates more easily. Install an antivirus program and a firewall. 

Together we ensure an information secure organization!

Frank Hendrickx, director ICT Services