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Alongside your study

Create your own opportunities.

In addition to lectures and tutorials that you attend as a student, you can do various extra programmes at the UvA and in Amsterdam that contribute towards strengthening your skills and knowledge, and expanding your network of like-minded people. For example, regular lectures are held at the UvA, you can participate in a summer programme about human rights and diversity, or you can be nominated for an ECHO Award for top talent from ethnic minorities.

Programme Committees

Every study programme at the UvA has a Programme Committee. This committee comprises of both lecturers and students. The Programme Committee is responsible for safeguarding the quality of education and giving solicited and unsolicited advice about the study programme to the College / Graduate School director.

Go to, select your programme to find information in the A-Z about the Programme Committee (formerly 'Board of Studies'.)

Central Student Council and Faculty Student Councils

The University of Amsterdam has representative advisory bodies at university and faculty level.
The Central Student Council (CSR), an overarching body, represents the interests of all UvA students and the Faculty Student Council (FSR) represents the interests of students at faculty level.

Introduction Week Committee

Every year, the Introduction Week Committee organises the largest introduction to the UvA and Amsterdam for first-year students. The composition of the committee changes every year. Participation in the Introduction Week Committee is a pleasant and interesting way of getting to know how to organise large events.

Amsterdam lectures

The Amsterdam lectures series arose out of the cooperation with the Wibaut Chair. The Wibaut Chair was established in order to research the problems in large cities, particularly in relation to Amsterdam.


Spui25 is an academic cultural centre at the Spui in Amsterdam. It is a lively stage on the boekenplein (books square) of the capital city, which creates a connection between the University of Amsterdam and the world of cultural practice in the broadest sense. The activities of the centre move between academia and imagination, and between fact and fiction.

Humanity in Action

Humanity in Action (HIA) is an international, educational organisation. HIA educates, inspires and connects a global network of students, young professionals and leaders who promote human rights, diversity and active citizenship with a sense of commitment, not only within their own community, but also throughout the whole world.

BRIGHT Student’s Conference

The BRIGHT Students’ Conference is the annual gathering of students from member universities of the League of European Research Universities (LERU). The conference, which is now in its ninth year, aims to provide an environment in which excellent students, as the field specialists and stakeholders of tomorrow’s Europe, can focus on themes crucial to their education and cultural development.


Unisca is a Model United Nations, which is organised in cooperation with the University of Amsterdam. During this two-week summer course, a simulation of the UN conference takes place. Debates are held in the daytime during this conference and resolutions are written, while Amsterdam is explored in the evening and night. You meet many new people, broaden your knowledge, go to the nicest parties and earn 6 ECTS for doing it. It will be two unforgettable weeks.

ECHO Award  

The ECHO Award is a national incentive programme for ethnic minorities in the Netherlands and is part of the ECHO Foundation. Two exceptional students (one student from higher professional education and one student from academic education) are awarded with the ECHO Award: a summer course at UCLA, the University of California Los Angeles in the US.

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