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Student Council elections

The annual UvA Student Council elections will be held from Monday 16 until Friday 20 May. Student Councils represent the interests of UvA students. Amongst other activities, they contribute to the debate on key issues such as educational quality, digitisation, student well-being and mental health, the Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER), student housing, social safety, diversity and inclusion, the Binding Study Advice (BSA) and sustainability. These issues have a direct impact on the well-being and academic development of UvA students.

The voting booth is open, cast your votes now! Go directly to the page 'Voting' to get to know everything about voting for the student council elections 2022. Find out which parties are joining, what they stand for, which party is the one for you en make use of your democratic right to vote.

As a UvA student, you get to decide who sits on the student councils. All council members are democratically elected. The Central Student Council (CSR) represents the entire UvA, while each individual faculty also has its own Faculty Student Council. This means you get to vote twice. The CSR consults with the UvA Executive Board (CvB). The faculty student councils consult with the dean of their faculty. The student councils deal with a range of issues, on which various stakeholders within the university voice opinions and adopt positions.

Explainer video

Wondering how student representation works at the UvA? Watch the video!