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Diversity and Inclusion Community lunches

The Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) team invites UvA students and staff for five Diversity & Inclusion lunches. Everybody is welcome, though we especially invite those who are committed to working in cultural change, inclusion, equity, decolonization and awareness around diversity-related topics. We would like to gather the knowledge and strengths of students and staff, and find ways in which we can empower and support each other in the process of cultural change at the UvA.

PC Hoofthuis UvA

At the first lunch on 28 November 2019 we explored what the state of diversity and inclusion at the UvA is and what topics are relevant at this moment. The themes of the other lunches shall correspond with the topics that came out of the first lunch. Through these meetings, we can co-create what is missing, what can be improved around these themes and talk about what still needs to be done. Since the first lunch shall be centered around gathering input on the current state of diversity and inclusion at the UvA, we invite students and staff to give input around topics they find important to talk about.


The main goal of these meetings is to work together in the process of cultural change at the UvA. Aside from this, other aims are:

  • Co-creating learning spaces in which we all share good practices and think of ways to empower and support each other;
  • Creating transparency on the work of the CDO-team towards the student and staff communities;
  • Connecting closer with students and student-groups and staff (we aim for 50% staff and 50% students in the lunches).

Practical information

  • We encourage student-boards, student-organizations, staff-organizations or staff-groups to have one representative of their group to join the lunch.
  • If you have any questions or ideas you’d like to share at the lunch meetings, please contact Fatima Kamal, educator in the Chief Diversity Officer team.