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Tuesday night it was confirmed that universities will be able to offer more educational activities on campus again from 28 April, in conjunction with making self-testing available and enforcing common coronavirus measures such as social distancing. This update sets out what that means for the UvA and where to find more information about your programme or faculty.

When will the relaxations to the corona measures become effective at the UvA?

The relaxations in the measures can begin on 26 April, but that is a collective day off at the UvA. 27 April is King's Day. Therefore the relaxations at the UvA will take effect from 28 April onwards.

What does a partial return mean?

Naturally, we welcome the easing of restrictions. We therefore want to make maximum use of the available space on campus as soon as this permitted. We will be focusing on small-scale, face-to-face sessions, project work, one-to-one supervision, interactions, testing, activities for study associations and making study places available.

Each department will make independent decisions on how to best make use of the available space. Your degree programme will provide you with the necessary information in this regard through its own newsletters, web pages and on Canvas.

COVID-proof study and collaboration places

The University Library has currently realised more than 2,800 COVID-proof study places and is expanding this number further. All students can reserve a study place for one day or part of one day per week. A number of these spaces can be used to work with other students. Each student in your group will then have to individually book a place in that meeting-space.

Please use the University Library booking page to reserve your study place.

On-site conferral of doctorates

Doctorate conferrals will likewise be able to take place on site once again with a limited number of attendees. As was the case in the autumn of 2020, graduation ceremonies will be held online for PhD candidates. These ceremonies will take place in the Aula, the Agnietenkapel and the hall of the Maagdenhuis on Saturdays in September/October 2021.

More information will be made available on the doctorate conferrals page as soon as possible.

Self-testing available – not mandatory

A relaxation of the measures for higher education will go hand in hand with the provision of self-tests. You will soon be able to request the self-test free off charge through You will then receive a test at home through the regular post.

Self-testing is and will remain a voluntary option. However, we do hope that you will consider taking a test before coming to the UvA. This will allow us all to contribute to creating a safe campus and encourage further easing of COVID restrictions by the government.

All the information relating to self-testing at the UvA will also be incorporated into the ‘Health and Prevention’ page as soon as possible.

Compulsory campus attendance

We understand that it is not easy or possible for everyone to come to campus. Your presence on campus is therefore voluntary unless the situation should require physical attendance (e.g. for practicals). If you are abroad or are unable, or unwilling, to come to campus due to health risks or quarantine requirements, your degree programme will assist you in finding an alternative solution.

What about working from home for employees?

Most employees have been working mostly from home for more than a year. This will remain the case for most people, as government policy regarding working from home has not changed. However, it is often possible to finish the working day at the office, for example after giving a lecture. This should always be discussed with your supervisor. If you really are unable to work from home, there are (limited) opportunities to come to campus. However, this also should be discussed with your supervisor.

Having trouble working from home? Click here for a list of tips.

What about the curfew?

Last night, it also became clear that the curfew is to be lifted from 28 April. This means that some of our buildings will have longer opening hours again.

Please find the most up-to-date opening hours of all locations here.

What all this means for the next academic year

In the new academic year, after the summer, we expect to be able to teach without restrictions. We are working hard on making preparations and will therefore be asking everyone to return to Amsterdam to attend their courses and programmes in person. Naturally, this will be subject to critical changes, but we hope that vaccination coverage and infection rates will allow us to return in August.

News on the relaxed Bachelor-before-Master rule in 2021

The possibility of starting a Master’s programme with a (limited) study completion delay in the Bachelor’s phase will also be open in 2021-2022. As a rule, the delay in the Bachelor's phase may not be greater than 15 ECTS, given that this will result in a programme that is no longer feasible (with too many credits having to be obtained in the Master’s phase).

The Master's programmes will inform prospective students regarding the specific requirements for enrolment in a UvA Master's in the 2021-2022 academic year by 15 May. The option of starting a Master's programme despite not yet having earned all required ECTS credits is open to students with a prior education in the EEA. As has been the case to date, it is not open to students with a prior education in non-EEA countries.