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Anyone who wants to visit the campus to study must book a study place, as the number of available ones is limited. So why are there so many empty spots, and why aren't they being filled? There are a number of reasons for this.

1. Limited maximum number of users in each building

For each building, the University of Amsterdam (UvA) has specified a maximum number of users (students and staff) to ensure that everyone can keep to the 1½-metre measure – not just in study areas and work spaces, but also wherever people tend to congregate, such as entrances, stairwells, corridors and lifts. As a result, we are only using part of the normal capacity on Roeterseiland Campus.

2. On-campus teaching
The available capacity is used by the educational institutes to provide on-campus teaching activities. First-year students (Bachelor's and Master’s) are primarily being given the opportunity to attend the (limited) teaching activities on campus. Following the recent stricter coronavirus measures, the UvA has opted to allow the scheduled teaching activities to continue. Employees should work from home unless it is truly necessary for them to come to the campus.

3. High percentage of no-shows for reserved study places
Unfortunately, the percentage of no-shows is quite high, with too many students who reserve a study place failing to show up. This also leads to more ‘empty’ study places.

4. Learning resource centres with fixed seating
The learning resource centres in the ABCD buildings often have large tables with fixed seating, which makes it impossible to ‘fit’ them into the 1½-metre system. It was therefore decided not to make these study places available to students.
The UvA is currently investigating alternative locations for study places off campus.

5. Lecturers who are unexpectedly unable to come to the campus
Finally, there are those lecturers who have been scheduled to teach on campus but unexpectedly find themselves unable to come, for example due to illness or home quarantine.

Only visit the campus for a lecture or with a reservation

Are you visiting the campus for a lecture or have you reserved a study space? If so, you can come to the campus. On Roeterseiland Campus, only study places in the University Library (Building H) can be used. For this, you will need a valid reservation.

In order to continue studying safely on campus and to keep the buildings open, everyone must comply with a number of instructions. Follow the instructions of the hosts and assume responsibility for monitoring your own health and that of others.

More information

Do you have any questions or would you like more information? Check out the UvA’s coronavirus page.