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The RIVM (National Institute for Public Health and Environmental Protection) advises inhabitants of the province of Noord-Brabant to minimize social contact if they have symptoms of a cold, coughing, or fever. If you live in Noord-Brabant and have complaints of a cold, cough or fever, stay at home, don't come to school, work or other places where many people gather. And in that case don't go to the UvA either. 24 hours after the complaints are over, you can return to normal life. If you don't have any complaints, you can just come to the UvA as usual.

Should you have symptoms and still want to go out, try as much as possible to keep a distance from other people. This will reduce the risk of inadvertently spreading the virus. Call your doctor only if your symptoms get worse.

I have a cold and /or fever, I have a test or an exam tomorrow and I'm from North-Brabant: what should I do?

The UvA follows the advice of the RIVM. If you come from North-Brabant and have complaints of a cold, cough or fever, you should stay at home until you feel better. A day after the complaints are over, you can come back to the UvA. Prior to your test, you should report to the exam committee of your degree programme concerning your test. They will inform  you about when you can take the test / exam.

And if I'm not from North-Brabant?

Then you should also follow the guidelines of the RIVM. This means that you can come to the UvA, unless you have recently returned from a high-risk area, such as Northern Italy. You must also stay at home if you have a cold and/or fever, until you are healthy again. If your symptoms increase, contact your family doctor by telephone.