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The Student Council elections will be held from 13 until 17 May. Evi de Rover, the current chair of the FMG Student Council, explains why you should vote. We’ve also included a list of the candidates you can vote for.

Why should students vote in the Faculty Student Council (FSR) and Central Student Council (CSR) elections?

Evi de Rover: ‘It’s important that students vote in the Student Council elections, because it gives them a say in how the University is run. Student Councils have the power to influence policy and put items on the agenda. By voting for a student party that represents your ideals, you can help determine the direction that you believe the University should be heading in.’

What do you consider to be the three main achievements of the FSR in the last year?

‘First and foremost, there was the sustainability letter. Together with five other Student Councils, the FMG FSR wrote a letter to the Executive Board recommending a more sustainable travel policy. The quality agreements were another important theme. The FMG FSR managed to influence how the additional funds resulting from the student loan system are distributed, ensuring that as many students as possible benefit from them. Finally: internationalisation. We discussed this at almost every meeting with the dean. The FSR believes that internationalisation is a complex and weighty topic that deserves a lot of attention from the Faculty.’