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The working group on the Organisation of Participation in Decision-making at the FMG has published its latest advice, in which it explores possibilities for organising participation in decision-making differently.

One of the most important questions put to the working group was as follows: how do we make sure that participation in decision-making is possible in areas where decisions are made? Also, how can the visibility and involvement of staff in decision-making be improved?

Two possibilities

In its exploration, the working group is examining two possibilities in this respect. The first is a change in the way in which the elections of the Works Council and the Faculty Student Council are organised; lists could be drawn up per domain, instead of just one list for the entire Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. This would place the individuals elected closer to their voters, and would also result in proportional representation per domain.

The working group also proposes a change to the way in which participation in decision-making is effected, by creating a number of representative advisory council subcommittees. These subcommittees would communicate with the domain directors, as policy preparation and decision-making take place at domain level as well.

The working group sees the upcoming elections as a good opportunity to discuss the desirability of the various changes that could be made to the way in which participation in decision-making is organised. The role of decision-making would become more explicit too.

'The occupations in 2015 have revealed a dissatisfaction with management and participation in decision-making at the UvA. Given this fact, and with the elections fast approaching, it is important for executive staff and boards to express their views on how they would like management and participation in decision-making to be organised. The report published by the working group provides a good starting point for discussions on this subject.'
Ingmar Visser

Meeting about how participation in decision-making is organised

For more information, please come along to the presentation of the advisory report of the working group in room REC-B3.09 from 16:00 to 17:00 on Tuesday, 27 February 2018.

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You can download the advisory report of the working group on the Organisation of Participation in Decision-making below: