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We invite all staff and students to join us for an online diversity afternoon. You are welcome to sign up for a workshop, view below for the programme. The workshops will be followed by a panel discussion on diversity data.

Event details of Diversity afternoon FMG
Date 14 June 2021
Time 14:30 -16:00

Together with prof. Amade M’charek,dr. Saskia Bonjour and Marina Lacroix we want to make room for an academic discussion on how to think about measuring diversity and the use of ‘diversity data’ to that end. We invite the academic community to think along!

How to register?

Each part of the event has a different, limited capacity. To attend the workshops and / or the panel discussion, you will need to register for each part seperately.

Workshop programme

Workshop 1: On how to do diversity: #justdiversity and Amsterdam United
Speakers: members of the boards of Amsterdam United and #justdiversity
For: students and staff, max 50 participants
Time: 15:00-16:00, online

#justdiversity (for staff) and Amsterdam United (for students) are organisations that been initiated by FMG students and staff and are dedicated to topics relating to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). These organisations contribute the academic lives people in our FMG community by creating inclusive spaces where people can meet for discussion, reflection and learning. In these spaces students and staff from all over the faculty (and UvA) together work out ways to do diversity in an inclusive way. In this session they will tell about their goals, methods and activities. There will also be room to talk about the future and about how new members/ participants can join and contribute.

Workshop 2: Introductory workshop on equity, diversity and inclusion

Workshop leaders: Alfrida Martis and Janissa Jacobs
For: students, max 18 participants
Time: 14:30 – 16:00, online

Inclusiveness requires attention, space and self-reflection. In this workshop you learn to think about topics as diversity, inclusion and intersectionality as well as reflect on your own forms of bias. Themes that are covered include implicit bias, good practices, resource-sharing, allyship, power dynamics and diversity literacy. By increasing your knowledge and skills in these areas, you will learn to deal with diversity with more self-confidence. This workshop is sponsored by the chief diversity office UvA.

Workshop 3: We like to change together. Basic co-design tools for your class or project

Workshop leader: Ad Korf
For: Students and staff, max 17 participants
Time: 14:30-16:00, online

With co-design all the people who hold an interest in an issue join forces. Co-design methods enable us to mobilize a massive amount of thinking power, while including all views. Co-design is practical and about finding solutions. Therefore, we will not only be talking and listening, but also sketching and doing. As co-designers we love to try out and we investigate a problem by designing and testing. In this session we introduce the basics of co-design by together co-designing a solution for a recognizable design challenge. Both staff members and students are welcome to join.

Workshop 4: Bystander intervention workshop

Workshop leaders: Gabriella Thompson, Our bodies our voice
For: staff, max 18 participants 
Time: 14:30 – 16:00, online

Developing participants’ skills to intervene in a variety of challenging situations and strengthens assertiveness in both personal and external experiences. This workshop is sponsored by the chief diversity office UvA. Exploring what bystander intervention means through an intersectional lens.


  • Discussing different methods of intervention in real life scenarios.
  • Providing tools to become an active bystander when faced with potential situations.
  • Providing tools to become an active listener when someone discloses their story of sexual violence.
  • Raising awareness on: sexual violence myths; available help centres

Panel discussion on diversity data

With: MSc Tasniem Anwar, Prof Amade M'charekDr. Saskia Bonjour and MSc Marina Lacroix.
Start: 16:15, online event
For: students and staff, max 200 participants

Recently there has been a lot of media attention for the cultural barometer project, a project aimed at gaining insight into the diversity of the staff and students of the university. Because of the critique on the instrument, the project has been put on hold by the different universities. Why is the cultural barometer so controversial and are there alternative ways of thinking on the collection of data in the light of diversity policies?

In this panel session Prof Amade M'charek and Dr. Saskia Bonjour share their views on these matters. Marina Lacroix, senior policy officer at the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment will provide contextual information regarding the intentions behind the cultural barometer as well as the way it works.

Tasniem Anwar will moderate the event. With this event we wish to open up a space for discussion on diversity topics within our academic community. The event will be opened by the FMG diversity officer Marieke Brand, followed by FMG dean Agneta Fischer. Want to know more about the preceding discussion? Please view these articles: in Folia, NRC and Scienceguide.