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Through the Accelerate Programme, the UvA Data Science Centre has awarded funding for four proposals at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. This is to enhance research within the newly established Social and Behavioural Data Science Centre.

The newly funded proposals span a variety of research and support projects across the landscape of behavioural and social data science. They include funding for several data scientists / engineers to join the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences (FMG). Holders of the new positions will work to further the development of data science methods and applications in the FMG, advancing our university in the newly emerging fields of social and behavioural data science. Being situated in all of the faculty’s four domains, the newly funded positions will engage in:

  1. Joining various initiatives that focus on innovative data collection and analysis
  2. Supporting initiatives on the archiving and publishing of research data
  3. Organizing internal and external consultation regarding statistical analysis and data science
  4.  Developing novel measurement and analysis strategies, e.g. for the study of social distancing
  5. Building and facilitating a behavioural and social science research community.

The UvA Data Science Centre (DSC) aims to enhance the university’s research by developing, sharing and applying data science methods and technologies. Through its Accelerate Programme, the DSC will support faculties as they pursue data driven research and stimulate the hiring of data scientists and engineers. The programme is not only intended to facilitate knowledge exchange throughout the university, but also incentivise the integration of these roles into existing research activity.