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Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER)

Social Sciences

The Teaching and Examinations Regulations are laid down by the dean each year, after advice and consent has been sought from the representative advisory bodies (the Board of Studies, the FMG Faculty Student Council and the Examinations Board. These regulations set out the rights and obligations of students, lecturers and the degree programme.

The Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER) consist of two sections: A and B. Section A contains provisions that apply to the entire Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. Section B contains provisions that apply to the Social Sciences level (Bachelor's and/or Master's programmes) – and in some cases may more specifically apply only to the programme level.

The topics provided for in the Teaching and Examination Regulations include degree programme entry requirements, the marking period, the method of marking, the right of inspection, binding study advice, provisions relating to studying with a disability and special circumstances (Section A), the composition, learning objectives and exit qualifications of the degree programme, course entry requirements, electives, the assessment policy, regulations on participation in education and the contents of the course syllabus (Section B).

In the event that a student wishes to seek an exemption from specific rules or feels they are being negatively impacted by the fact that a course unit does not comply with specific regulations, a request may be submitted to the Examinations Board. If you have any questions regarding a specific rule or its interpretation, you may initially seek advice from the study adviser.

In addition to the Teaching and Examination Regulations, there are other documents containing rules and procedures, such as the 'Rules and Guidelines of the Examinations Board', the course syllabus, the course registration procedures, the Student Handbook, the Students' Charter and the 'Regulations governing Fraud and Plagiarism for UvA Students'. These documents collectively make up the programme charter and can be accessed under the A-Z list on the degree programme website.

The Teaching and Examination Regulations for each programme can be downloaded by clicking on the links below.

Addendum for the Teaching and Examination Regulations 2020-2021 Bachelor’s and Master's

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