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Switching language of instruction

The bachelor's programmes Cultural Anthropology and Develoment Sociology, Political Science and Sociology are “bilingual” as well as “English only”. At the beginning of your programme you have made a deliberate decision for one of these options. However in time you may feel the need to switch (this will mostly be the case for Dutch students). This is possible and can be arranged by the start of a new term.

  • Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology (BSc)

    Our dual language program in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology offers both an English-only and a Dutch/English track. During the first one and a half years, when all students follow the same obligatory courses, all lectures are taught in English, and students can choose between English or Dutch seminar groups. Assignments will be written in the language of instruction of the relevant group. Concluding exams (tentamens) will be offered in both languages, so that students can choose to write their answer in either English or Dutch.

    After the first one and a half years, students follow a number of obligatory courses, while they also select their own study program out of a series of specialization courses. Most of these specialization courses will be taught in English. Students can choose between delivering their written work in English or Dutch.

    Students will make a final choice for the English-only or Dutch/English language track before the end of the third semester and will be assisted in this choice by their mentor and study adviser. Their diploma-supplement will show one of either varieties. After the third semester a transfer to the other language choice is only possible upon written request by the student to the Examinations Board.

  • Political Science (BSc)

    Please take into account:

    • Your switch will begin the next term. Your current term must be completed in the language you originally choose, including resits.
    • Switching may have an impact on your diploma supplement. When you have completed one or more terms in the bilingual programme, your supplement will note “Language of instruction: Dutch/English” instead of “English”.

    What does switching entail?

    When you choose to switch to our bilingual programme, your language of instruction for the tutorials and finals will be Dutch.

    When you choose to switch to our “English only” programme, your language of instruction for the tutorials and finals will be English.


    Do you want to switch your language of instruction? Please fill out the form below. Our study advisers will contact you regarding your request.

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