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Study associations

Social Sciences

  • Political Science: Machiavelli

    Membership of Study Association Machiavelli is open to all Political Science students. As a member, you will have ample opportunity to get to know your fellow students from all years of the degree programme.

    With close to 1000 members and a history dating back to 3 June 1964, the Machiavelli study association is both the largest and the oldest study association for Political Science students in the Netherlands. Due to its size and experience, the association can offer its members a wide range of special activities.

    These include large-scale debates, study trips to distant locations and interesting excursions. Activities are organised by the board and various committees. Machiavelli also has four coordinators charged with organising activities.

    • Teaching
    • Politics
    • Social
    • International

    Additionally, Machiavelli has various committees, such as the political activities committee, the third Tuesday committee (magazine for members), the teaching committee, the social activities committee and more.

    Machiavelli also offers students the opportunity to order their books at a considerable discount.

    If you would like to become a member or simply want further information, please visit our website:

    Telephone: +31(0)20 525 2139