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Local Supervisor Fee

Social Sciences

This information is for students who conduct their fieldwork from 1 September 2019 onwards. Please note that procedures and amounts might differ in 2020-2021.

Students of the Research Masters Programme in Social Sciences, Urban Studies or International Development Studies and of the Master's Programme in Medical Anthropology and Sociology, Cultural and Social Anthropology or International Development Studies who conduct a required fieldwork abroad as part of their curriculum, are eligible for the support or assistance of a local supervisor. It is the first supervisor of the student's programme who is in these cases able to assign a local supervisor. 

The role of a local supervisor may consist in any or all of the following:

  • Discussing the research proposal with the student and aiding the student in adjusting it to the local reality:
  • Introducing the student to key informants:
  • Discussing interview outlines/ questionnaires with the student:
  • Discussing the progress of research and the problems and challenges the student (may) face

The Local Supervisor Fee is not meant for just translation purposes, an academic component is necessary for the application to be accepted.

Please find the Local Supervisor Letter here: it explains the role of a local supervisor. Students are strongly advised to give this letter to the local supervisor once in the field.

The GSSS offers local supervisors a Local Supervisor Fee of € 300. The application procedure of the Local Supervisor Fee is as follows:

  • Students apply for the Local Supervisor Fee by indicating this on their online Fieldwork Subsidy Application (see GSSS Fieldwork Subsidy Procedures)
  • Once in the field students pay an advance payment of € 300 to the local supervisor
  • In the field the local supervisor signs the Local Supervisor Fee Form and provides some personal information indicating the main supervision tasks as well as an estimation of the supervision time involved
  • Upon return from the field students submit a digital scan of the the signed and completed Local Supervisor Form to the International Office Social Sciences by email.
  • Once the completed Local Supervisor Form is received, the student will receive instructions from the International Office how to submit the online claim form. The student will then receive € 300 on the bank account they have stated on their online Fieldwork Subsidy Application within four to six weeks.