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Subsidy GSSS

Social Sciences

The information below about the GSSS Fieldwork subsidy applies to students who conduct their fieldwork as a compulsory part of their programme from 31 August 2021 onwards. Please note that procedures and amounts might differ in 2022 - 2023. Please also note that no rights can be derived from the information below, and that changes might occur.

Also make sure to keep checking the University of Amsterdam rules regarding traveling.

Students who leave for the field before 31 August 2021 and have not applied for the subsidy yet, can still do so by following the procedures stated below. The total amount of the GSSS fieldwork subsidy ranges from a maximum of €150 to a maximum of €570 and serves as a contribution to:

  • For fieldwork conducted outside The Netherlands: international travel costs
  • For fieldwork conducted inside The Netherlands: domestic travel costs, including travelling by car; access to libraries, archives, or databases

Students apply for the subsidy before starting their fieldwork and will be reimbursed for documented actual costs up the maximum amount. To apply for the subsidy, Students must fulfil the requirements of their specialization track and submit an online application. All students going on fieldwork officially need to apply for the fieldwork subsidy before the deadline stated by their programme coordinator (usually one month before departure).


To be eligible for the GSSS Fieldwork Subsidy 2021-2022, you must meet the following requirements and conditions:

  • You are registered as a full-time student at the UvA during both the fieldwork period and the thesis writing period
  • Your fieldwork has been approved by your supervisor. You must have successfully completed all of your first semester courses (or first year courses if you are a research master student). Note that even though supervisors are entitled to give their academic approval, fieldwork abroad can only take place in countries or regions where a positive travel applies. Applications provided with the academic approval can only be processed if a positive travel advise is in place.
  • You must finish writing your thesis within the nominal period of your study programme after returning from the field. If, for good reason, you are unable to finish your thesis within this timespan, you must submit a formal written request for an extension to the Board of Examinations. You should direct this request by email to the Registrar. The Registrar will forward your request to the Board of Examinations. Should your request for an extension be rejected, the GSSS is entitled to reclaim the fieldwork subsidy (see also the thesis contract)
  • The GSSS is also entitled to reclaim the Fieldwork Subsidy when claims have been submitted late, incompletely or incorrectly
  • Students conducting fieldwork in The Netherlands are not eligible for the local supervisor fee
  • Applications can only be submitted online. Paper applications or incomplete applications will not be processed
  • You must have a health insurance that is valid in the country of destination.
  • You may apply for the UvA accident insurance (Collectieve ongevallenverzekering) and travel insurance (Collectieve reisverzekering). If you wish to apply for these insurance policies, you need to do so at least 7 days before departure. You can find more information as well as application details at the link below.

Maximum Subsidy Amounts 2021-2022



1. Europe
(including The Netherlands, excluding the countries under 2)


2. Caspian Sea States, and Russia, Turkey, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Middle East, North Africa (MENA)


3. USA, Canada,
Central America
Central + East Africa


4. Southern Africa
South America


5. Australia, 
New Zealand


General procedure

Step 1:

  • Fulfil all the requirements for your fieldwork as required by your specialization track

Step 2: 

  • Submit your online application for the Fieldwork Subsidy as soon as your research proposal has been approved by your supervisor(s).  Note: for some programmes the study adviser sends an alternative application form to students directly.
  • Documents to be enclosed with your application:
  • A copy of the identity page of your passport OR European ID card (front & back). (Do not use a high definition scan (300 dpi is sufficient, a singular document should not exceed 500KB.)

Step 3:

  • After your application is approved, you will receive instructions from the International Office about how to submit your online claim form. Please note that you will need to submit:
  • For fieldwork outside The Netherlands: a copy of your e-ticket and boarding pass, a copy of the booking confirmation showing the costs
  • For fieldwork inside The Netherlands: copies of train tickets showing the costs; a copy of your OVChipcard record showing the costs; a record of travelled kilometres made by you; proof of membership or subscription of libraries, archives, databases or any other activity

It will then take approximately four to six weeks before the subsidy is deposited into your bank account.

(Optional) Step 4 – only for fieldwork outside The Netherlands: 

  • Should you apply for the Local Supervisor Fee together with the Fieldwork Subsidy, you will also be required to submit the Local Supervisor Fee Form upon your return. 
  • On the online Fieldwork Subsidy Application Form you also have the opportunity to apply for the Local Supervisor Fee. If you find a local supervisor after you have already submitted your fieldwork subsidy application, please inform the International Office Social Sciences.

(Optional) Step 5: 

Local Supervisor Claim Form: Please follow the instructions on the claim form.


You can apply at the International Office Social Sciences for the GSSS Fieldwork subsidy by following the link below. Before submitting your online application, please be sure to read the application information as well as the instructions on the online form carefully and to prepare the necessary documents for uploading. 

Important notes

  • After your application is approved, you will receive instructions from the International Office on how to submit your online claim form. Please note that you need to submit proof of costs made as well as any ticket and boarding pass together with the online claim form. It will then take approximately four to six weeks before the subsidy is deposited into your bank account.
  • There can be no other beneficiary other than the student involved: we can only transfer the subsidy into the bank account of the student who has submitted the application.
  • In order to submit a complete application, you will need to scan some documents. All of the scans must be readable. However, please do not use a high definition scan (300 dpi is sufficient), and be sure to save your scan in a small size, since a singular document should not exceed 500KB. Please note: Sometimes an upload problem arises when using an Apple computer with Safari browser (message "file has zero size"). Should such problems occur, please try and fill out the form using another browser or computer. 



International Office Social Sciences
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T: + 31 20 525 8300