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Fieldwork Finance

Social Sciences

Fieldwork is an important part of the Master's programmes Cultural and Social Anthropology, International Development Studies, Medical and Social Anthropology and in the Reseach Master's programmes Urban Studies, International Development Studies and Social Sciences. If you are not enrolled in one of these programmes, please look at the additional funding options further down this page.

To apply for the GSSS fieldwork subsidy please first fulfill the requirements of your specialization track. Requirements and procedures for fieldwork differ per programme. Please check the Fieldwork entry to refer to your own programme information on the fieldwork specific components, and complete these before starting the procedure to apply for the GSSS fieldwork subsidy. Should you have any other questions about the fieldwork or how to prepare for it, that are not in the information sections on this website, we recommend to contact your study advisor.

Only GSSS students undertaking fieldwork as mandatory part of the specialization, are entitled to the GSSS fieldwork subsidy.

Once you have met the requirements of your programme regarding the preparation of the fieldwork, you can apply for the GSSS Fieldwork subsidy. In some cases you can also apply for the Local Supervisor Fee.

Fieldwork information session

Please watch the information session on the fieldwork subsidy as recorded on 19 October 2020.

Additional options for scholarships for thesis research and fieldwork

•       Stichting Bekker La Bastide Fonds (in Dutch)

•       ‘Abroad with' grant 

•       European student grant program

•       Also check: / Education / Master's / Scholarships & Tuition / Scholarships and loans