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Examinations Appeal Board

Social Sciences

If students disagree with a decision by the Examinations Board, they can lodge a notice of appeal with the Examinations Appeal Board (CBE), either by a digital form or by post.

Under Article 7.61, paragraph 2 of the Higher Education and Research Act (Wet op het hoger onderwijs en wetenschappelijk onderzoek, WHW), the CBE must assess whether the contested decision is within the law. Please note: the CBE is not authorised to assess the contents of papers, examinations or similar and will never do so. The CBE has limited powers of evaluation and can only assess whether the Examinations Board or examiner had a reasonable basis for forming their opinion, as well as whether care was taken in adhering to any procedures that have been laid down.

When appealing to the CBE, students are advised to notify the study adviser and/or Examinations Board as well. This approach can solve common misunderstandings and expedite the process.

The CBE website lists information on its procedures as well as rulings in typical appeals by students. These rulings have been arranged by category, so you can learn the formalities of a CBE appeal and the grounds on which rulings are made.

Examinations Appeal Board (CBE): rulings and summaries (in Dutch)

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