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Cum laude

Awarding a cum laude distinction is the prerogative of the Examinations Board. The grounds on which a cum laude distinction is awarded are stated in Article 5.2 of the Rules and Guidelines of the Examinations Board.

Prior to processing the graduation certificate in SIS, the Programme Administration verifies whether a student meets the criteria for a cum laude distinction. If this is the case, the student will graduate with a cum laude distinction automatically. If you believe are entitled to a cum laude distinction or you have any doubts about this matter, you may send an email or ask the Programme Administration in person.

In the event that you fall just short of the criteria for cum laude, but you feel that there are reasons to make an exception, you may submit a request to the Examinations Board for dispensation from the criteria for cum laude.

Account is solely taken of compulsory courses when calculating the average final mark; extracurricular courses are disregarded. The calculation does not take account of AVV assessments ('requirements met') and exemptions either, while some Bachelor's programmes disregard the first year as well.