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Career with Social Sciences

Social Sciences

As a student of the Social Sciences you may ask yourself, ‘What can I actually do with my Social Sciences degree? Is my chosen study perhaps too specialised? Is an academic education an effective starting point for my career goals?’ 

Since Bachelor's and Master’s programmes are academic and specialised, and your thesis topic is even more so, the impression may arise that career options are limited to very specialised jobs. The reality is, however, that Social Science graduates find positions as academic professionals in a very broad range of functions.

To support you in your career goals, the University offers a variety of resources:

GSSS Career Event

Twice a year the GSSS hosts a Career Event, where you can meet organisation representatives and alumni, and receive helpful tips and feedback about searching for a job as a graduate.

UvA Careers Centre

The career advisers at the UvA Student Careers Centre can help students with information, workshops and individual vocational counselling to find out what you want, get insight into your capabilities and competencies, make choices and improve your application skills in order to achieve your goals.

With an increasing number of international students each year, the UvA is truly an international university. UvA graduates from all over the world find their way to interesting careers, whether in the Netherlands or abroad. The Student Careers Centre is specialised in advising international (non-Dutch) UvA graduates about job seeking in the international labour market.