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Dear Social Sciences students and staff, We hope this letter finds you well amid these uncertain and trying times. We are reaching out to you on behalf of the International Development Studies (IDS) department at the UvA. In the midst of the global health crisis, as people worldwide are experiencing isolation and worry, we would like to reconnect with the UvA community members through a series of mini-lectures in relation to the pandemic.

Our mission is to create an interactive platform for discussion and knowledge sharing to
raise awareness concerning the diverse implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for the
broad field of international development. By drawing on the expertise and experiences
of our Governance and Inclusive Development teaching and research staff, PhD’s, IDS
students, and their respective scholarly networks through a mini-series of lectures and
optional live Q&A sessions we strive to activate discussion and widen our understanding
of our current crisis.
We are excited to announce that several lecturers are putting together pre-recorded mini
lectures (and a few live sessions) to stimulate discussion on their field of research in
relation to the pandemic. We would like to invite you to participate and join the live
(virtual) Q&A sessions. Our first Q&A session is 28, May at 11:00 via Zoom with Dr.
Nicky Pouw on the Economics of Well-being in relation to COVID-19. Her pre-recorded
mini-lecture is available on Canvas. If you are interested in watching the lecture videos,
attending the Q&A sessions, and/or accessing additional resources featuring diverse
perspectives on the pandemic please join the canvas page with this link .
We hope to see you at the first Q&A session!
Kind regards,
IDS x COVID-19 mini-series Team
Alyssa Schmirler:

Emma van Schie:

Judith Mwengi: