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Graduation support group (1,5 hours a week)

Weekly online group: assistance with finishing your thesis and studies

For you?

Are you having trouble during the last phase of your studies? Are you struggling with your thesis? If you are encountering obstacles in the progress of the final phase of your graduation, or if you are unsure about what is expected of you, this group may be for sure.

This final phase can be quite lonely and make you feel insecure. This weekly group supports you by getting you in contact with fellow students in similar circumstances. Together, you agree on realistic targets. The group offers you structure and organisation. Furthermore, you can benefit from the group as a positive stimulus and an incentive to get things done.

Dates and times 1st semester

You will meet with your group once a week on Tuesday from 09:00-10:30 hours.

Interested in this workshop in Dutch?

Practical information

  • This group is free of charge and will be offered online.
  • Joining is possible at any moment.
  • You can register if you are currently studying at the UvA or HvA and have been struggling with your graduation for more than 6 months and still have to finish no more than one other part of your studies.
  • After registration, you’ll receive specific information about your login and information how to participate.


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