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Faces of Science Park

Faces of Science Park (FoSP) is an annual event. Throughout the day, workshops, lectures, panel discussions and more were organised to discuss the topics diversity, inclusion and equity at the Faculty of Science. The theme of this years event was Sense of Belonging in Times of Crisis. On this day students and staff were welcomed to talk about the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the ‘sense of belonging’ of different groups at our faculty. Let's look back at the event.

Welcome by dean Peter van Tienderen and Betabreak discussion

The BetaBreak, organised by a team of students, is a monthly discussion platform of the Faculty of Science. For this special edition of the BetaBreak, three experts from different fields have been invited and will share their perspectives on how sense of belonging might be at risk or enhanced in times of crisis.

  • In this video

    In times of crisis, should every man fend for themselves or is this the right time to build our community, our sense of belonging? In the current circumstances it is easy to slip into a passive mindset, but these times call for us to look beyond what we see on our screens and look into people's lives if we want to nurture our sense of belonging. But what exactly is meant by sense of belonging? Who is responsible to not only keep this sense of belonging alive, but strengthen it during times of crisis? How is this all related to diversity and inclusion? Perhaps more fundamentally still: when a community is functioning in ‘crisis mode’, does it still have the capacity to attend to ‘sense of belonging’? How do social - and animal - communities adjust to such conditions?

    For the BetaBreaks’ monthly discussion a panel of scientists, business people, politicians and authors is gathered to discuss a variety of topical subjects within the sciences. By doing this, an interdisciplinary insight into the different branches and discoveries of our faculty is offered. Insight from different fields of expertise might yield very different answers, providing us with examples worth considering for our community. The discussion at the Faces of Science event is organised in collaboration with the Faculty Diversity Office team.

    People: Peter van Tienderen, Mary Tupan-Wenno, Myrte Hoekstra, Marijn Egas, Vivek Lakshman (moderator), Cyrine Ettriki (moderator)

Expert panel on numbers and monitors: 'What do we know about belongingness and what can we do?'

During this panel discussion you will hear three brief presentations on ‘sense of belonging’ surveys and best practices from several higher education institutions to support an inclusive academic community in times of crisis.

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    How can we create a sense of belonging in students and staff and ensure that we are an inclusive community in which everyone feels welcome? This being already difficult in normal times, during the Corona crisis it has become even more difficult to feel at home when in fact we are all mostly working and studying remotely. Needless to say, though, that for some the current crisis presents more obstacles than for others: some cope with mental or physical disabilities while having to miss their usual support; some are facing additional pressures in their homes; some have a hard time staying motivated and keeping at work; and so on.

    People: Ismintha Waldring, Joost van Mameren, Judith Jansen MA, Machiel Keestra (moderator)

Virtual information market

Both at the Faculty of Science and beyond, there are many valuable initiatives and groups that are committed to an inclusive and diverse community. Bringing these groups together and to introduce them to students and staff during this special event, we are hosting an online information market during which each group will give a brief pitch.

People: Jeroen Goedkoop (moderator), Nina Witteveen (Diversity Sounding Board member)

  • The programme booklet

    The programme booklet contains an overview of the program of the day, a list of workshops that were offered during this event, a description of each program component and contact details of both the Faculty Diversity Office and the initiatives and groups that were present during this event.