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Study adviser Faculty of Science

Rules and complaints

If you have any questions about the University of Amsterdam's rules and regulations, such as the Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER), or if you have a complaint that you would like advice on, the Faculty of Science's study advisers can provide you with information and help you on your way.

  • Each degree programme has its own Teaching and Examination Regulations (OER), stating all the rules relating to teaching and examinations. These regulations are drawn up by the university, the faculty and the degree programme. In addition, the rules established by the Examinations Board can be found in the 'Rules and Guidelines of the Examinations Board' document. This contains provisions on topics such as graduating with honours and exemptions. You can find more information at > name programme > AZ > Rules and Regulations

  • Do you have a complaint, for example about a decision made by the Examinations Board? Or do you feel that you have been unfairly disadvantaged by one of your lecturers? You can obtain advice on the matter from your study adviser. More information about complaints, objections and appeals

  • If you have a complaint about inappropriate behaviour by someone within the university, contact a Confidential Adviser. They can help you find a solution and, if required, file a report.