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Graduation date

Students who have successfully passed the final examination will be awarded the Master of Science degree. The degree awarded will be noted on the certificate. An appendix to the certificate, signed by the Chairperson of the Examination Board and stating the components of the final examination, the studyload and the assessment, will be issued.

Graduation Ceremony

graduation fall 2020

Please note that the ‘normal’ graduation ceremony which is annually hosted in October cannot take place. We have to follow government policy and UvA policy concerning Covid-19 measures, which means that all graduation ceremonies have been postponed until further notice. As it looks now we will be able to have a graduation ceremony in January or February 2021, however please note that this is not definite yet and as soon as we hear more from the faculty management we will update you (by e-mail and here on our website).

If you need the diploma you can download a certified digital extract from the diploma register on the DUO website (you need a DigiD in order to do so). This is official proof that you have obtained your degree. If this is not a possibility for you, you can request graduation statement from the Education Desk: