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Impact of Brexit on prospective staff and students from the UK

If you are considering coming to the UvA to study or work, you may be wondering how Brexit will affect your plans.

Prospective staff from the UK

If you are planning to come and work at the UvA after 31 December 2020, you will be treated as a third-country national. The same conditions will apply as those for people from other non-member states (such as American citizens who wish to stay and work at a university in the Netherlands). The UvA would need a permit to employ you.

Prospective students from the UK

From 2021 onwards, the situation will depend on any arrangements made between the EU and the UK.

You will be considered a third-country national and charged the non-EEA tuition fee unless a deal is reached that specifies otherwise. For most programmes, our non-EEA rate is not very different from tuition fees at English and Welsh universities, but it is much higher than current fees in Scotland and Northern Ireland.