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Graduation Software Engineering

This webpage provides you with the most important information about the application for the Master’s Certificate.

  • Getting your diploma

    Application Master's Certificate

    You can apply for your diploma when all the grades of all study components (including the research project) are registered in SIS. Application is possible here:

    Please note the following important considerations :

    • The report of the Graduation research project has to be uploaded in Datanose;
    • Diploma applications should be done no less than three weeks before the actual degree ceremony. However if you want to participate in the graduation ceremony you have to apply for your certificate before the 31st of August (see Graduation date).
    • Please note that you have to be enrolled as a master student of the Master's programme on the date of requesting the diploma. This date will be the official date on the diploma.

    In case you need a confirmation graduation letter you can visit the DUO website ( - you need a DigiD in order to log in) to download a certificate. This is official proof that you have obtained your degree. If this is not a possibility for you, you can request graduation statement from the Education Desk:

  • Graduation date

    Students who have successfully passed the final examination will be awarded the Master of Science degree. The degree awarded will be stated on the certificate. An appendix to the certificate, signed by the Chairperson of the Examination Board and stating the components of the final examination, the study load and the assessment, will be issued.

    Graduation Ceremony

    On Wednesday January 20th MSc Software Engineering will organize an online graduation ceremony for all graduates who have completed the master programme during the Corona crisis. Although we regret that we are allowed to host a graduation ceremony on campus, team Software Engineering will make sure that the online graduation ceremony will do our graduates justice!

    If you have questions about the ceremony please contact the programme coordinator Nienke Boevé ( ).

  • Cum laude

    The designation of ‘cum laude’ (with distinction) is added to your diploma in recognition of exceptional performance. Such an allocation by the Examinations Board is based on rules stated in the Rules and Guidelines of the Examinations Board.

    Do you qualify for a cum laude designation on your diploma?

    In order to find out whether you have shown exceptional competence as a student you need to consult the Rules and Guidelines of the Examinations Board. Here you will find the conditions for the designation of ‘cum laude’, such conditions may be: no component is marked with less than a seven (7), the result for the Master’s thesis is at least an eight (8), the weighted average of all Master’s programme components, excluding the Master’s thesis, is at least an eight (8). These conditions vary per study programme.

    Article 5.2

    Please take a look at article 5.2 of the Rules and Guidelines of the Examinations Board in order to find out what the specific conditions and exemptions for your study programme are.

    Rules and Guidelines of the Examinations Board

    Please note that this text is only an indication, the specific conditions and exemptions are stipulated in article 5.2 of the Rules and Guidelines of the Examinations Board

  • SPA – approval study plan

    Since the 1st of September 2019 the master programme Software Engineering has introduced the SPA (Study Plan Application). The SPA was already in use by other master programmes within the Graduate School of Informatics and has made the administrative procedures regarding study programme much more efficient. Therefore, all master programmes of the GSI have implemented  this system. The SPA can be found in Datanose on your personal page under the heading PROGRESS (NL: voortgang) or login at .

    Students can use the SPA to:

    • check their study progress
    • send a request to the Examinations Board (concerning their study programme)
    • submit a request to replace a course or to request an exemption etc.

    Since the master programme Software Engineering has a standard curriculum most students will probably not use the SPA very often.

    However: please note that if your curriculum changes ( e.g.: you change 1 course from the standard curriculum you started with) during your enrolment as a SE master student you will have to request approval from the Examinations Board by means of the SPA for your new curriculum.

    Do you have questions regarding your study plan or the SPA please contact the programme coordinator Nienke Boevé